Team Building Activities In Gurgaon

4 Fun Corporate Team Building Activities Ideas

Started noticing the drooping shoulders in your office? It’s time to plan enthralling team outing activities to make your workforce feel alive again.

Ideas of Some Team Building Activities In Gurgaon

Team building is a great way to develop a bond between the employees and making them understand the power of working together. Team building activities in Gurgaon will reduce your workforce stress and will make your team more active.

And you know what? They are actually “Fun”!

In this blog, are mentioned top-four corporate team building activities in Delhi which KnockWalk, a corporate team building company in Delhi executes in their sessions.

1. Scavenger Hunt

Calendar out the wonderful day and scatter everyone into a group and plan a scavenger hunt around the city. Your workforce will feel strengthened and alive after facing some fun challenges and fresh air. Do not forget to click some silly pictures of your team, when they come back after hunting. Even, a slideshow can be created of this fun activity.


Culinary team activity is a good idea to build a bond between your teammates and enhance your team’s creativity skills. Divide your team into smaller teams and assign them a food category with a twist and challenge them to beat each other. Here, this activity will involve your team creativity, where your team needs to think about how to create and plate the dish.

3.Improve Workshop

Improv and comedy event is a sought of fun, where your workforce roars out of laughter and also learn useful communication and soft skills, like trust and focus. You can play any improv games with your employees, depending on your budget.

4.Development Workshops

Want your employees more than their career? Arrange a workshop or a conference, where you share your experience and journey. You can arrange it in the office or outside as well. The activity should be related to your employees’ job and inspire them to perform their best in their field.

Now as you have entertained your employees with a great time, you have created an outstanding company culture and yes, now your employees call you as a “cool boss”, how cool is that?


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