More About Us

Knock Walk facilitates success among the younger brains and the leaders of today. Corporate training, Leadership sessions, keynote speeches, organising school trips and Corporate Outings beyond team building facilitation, be it on or off sites is the framework of success that we deliver as we hand hold you towards relationships and larger goals, whether personal or professional.

Happiness and clarity within you dictate life around you and the impact you create. Let us coach you on your journey of discovery and achievements.

Meet Our Founder & Chief Trainer

A Leadership Coach, Corporate Trainer, Team Building Expert & an Aromatherapist, – these keywords may not define me in totality but would provide a definitive insight on how I impact lives around me.

Leadership coaching comes naturally to me, after having facilitated scores of leadership training sessions and team building events beyond a number of impactful leadership retreats with CEOs and CMOs of Multinational Firms.

I enjoy delivering Soft skills pieces of training to a larger populace of professionals and hearing words of gratitude from them over time has only strengthened by the belief that communication and interpersonal skills are key to success for a professional.