Team Building Trainings In Gurgaon

Unique Team Building Activities Ideas!

A team which works together stays more productive, successful and effective and not to forget mentioning also happier and fun to work with. Team building activities task get tricky when employees started rolling their eyes amongst their mates instead of exchanging high-fives. When you observe less productivity, less stamina in your employees, team building activities are the best way to develop their willpower and motivates them in a fun way, adults too can have fun! Team building trainings in Gurgaon is all you need for improving your team productivity.

In this blog, we have talked about a few team building in Delhi, which will freshen up your workforce mood.

1.Zombie Escape 

Task: Collaboration and problem-solving activity

Requirements: 1 rope, 5-10 clues or puzzles and 1 key depending on the time you want to play

Instructions: Gather your team in an empty room or a conference room and lock it with the key. Before that, pick one of the team members to play the role of a zombie with arms outstretched, dead eyes and muttering “braaaaiiiinnnnssss”, etc. The other zombie is tied with a rope in the corner of the room with one foot untied. When the game starts the hungry zombie start taking out his another foot from the rope and reach the living team members. Team members soon need to solve the puzzle and find the keys, before it is too late.

2.Shrinking vessel

Task: Problem Solving

Requirements: A blanket, tape and a rope

Instructions: Create a space on the floor and make your teammates stand in that space. Then, slowly shrink the space so that your team members think of keeping all the team members to stay within the shrinking boundaries.

3.Community Service

Task: Icebreakers and team bonding

Requirements: Few hours from your busy schedule

Instructions: Make your team participate in an “adopt a family program” where you need to take your team for community services like cleaning of community pools or parks, which will result in the beautification of the environment.

Find more activities that will help to build your team bonding and also result in improved productivity of your workforce. For more team building activities in Delhi, Gurgaon contact us.

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